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Training for the Aspiring Data Scientist: My Experience with a MOOC.

In the inaugural post of DataTechBlog, I stated a goal of helping others learn more about the emerging field of data science and big data analytics.  It was my original intent to tackle this lofty goal primarily via instructive tutorials.  However, as of late, I realize just how important formal instruction is to the learning process.  Prior to my professional career in data, I spent the better part of 12 years in college earning various degrees and taking many (extra) classes.  The education process afforded me an opportunity to saturate myself in various topics.  In the milleau of the classroom setting, many opportunities abounded and I, having been a motivated student, was able to run with the proverbial ball.  I guess my point here is that  I (having been out of college for a while) forgot just how important classroom learning is to foster expertise in a particular subject and/or discipline.  As such,  I signed up for and successfully completed my first MOOC (Massive, Open, Online Course).

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