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Data Driven – Creating a Data Culture (DJ Patel, Hilary Mason)

cat DJ Patel (of RelateIQ and LinkedIn fame) and Hilary Mason (of Fast Forward Labs and Bitly fame) recently released a free eBook that speaks to the merits of designing and enabling a data driven culture within an organization.

“A data driven organization acquires, processes, and leverages data in a timely fashion to create efficiencies, iterate on and develop new products, and navigate the competitive landscape.”

These two thought leaders in the big data and data science space bring together years of experience and deep knowledge to offer their views on:

  • What a data scientist should be
  • What defines a data driven organization and what they do well
  • The importance of democratizing data
  • Designing a data driven organization and how to manage research
  • Being the change agent for data success

The authors also stress that gut instinct has a key role to play in a data driven organization:

“One word of caution: don’t follow the data blindly. Being data driven
doesn’t mean ignoring your gut instinct. This is what we call letting
the data drive you off a cliff.”

I highly recommend that you take the time to read this brief but pithy eBook.

Get your copy of the eBook here: Data Driven – Creating a Data Culture.

You will be asked for your name and email prior to download.

Regards, Louis.

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